Primitive Soy Candle – Jelly Jar

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Primitive Jelly Jar Candle
8 ounces, approximate burn time 48 hours.

Our 8 oz Primitive Jelly Jar Candles are scented to the maximum our wax will allow, giving you a true candle burning experience with each unique, very fragrant Primitive Keeper™ candle. Our soy candles will fill your home with delightful fragrance and create a warm country look that will complement any decor.

Enjoy one of the finest candles you will ever own.  No more tunneling, or black soot getting all over your walls and ceilings.

Soy is a renewable resource and its use supports U.S. farmers and other American businesses.



4 reviews for Primitive Soy Candle – Jelly Jar

  1. Maddy Roberts (verified owner)

    I have been buying candles from Primitive Keeper for a few years, and the quality is exceptional. The fragrance is clean, yet very aromatic. When I give these candles as gifts, my family and friends comment on the quality and pleasing scent they experience. Other products are also exceptional as well. Maddy R.

  2. Tammy Simms

    I am new to The Primitive Keeper, and was pleasantly surprised at how long the candles burn. They are scented throughout, so no matter where you are in the burn, the scent is always present unlike so many companies that only scent the top layer. My customers are already falling in love with the line. So happy I found you! 🙂

  3. Kerri K.

    Stumbled upon Primitive Keeper products by chance on a visit back home to Plymouth, MA a few weeks ago. While in a little boutique, I caught wind of a Macintosh candle and fell in love. I grabbed all that I could for my drive back down to Florida. I have never been so excited over a candle or wax melts. I tried to give some away as gifts, but I find it too difficult. And I can’t thank you enough for making the Fall In New England scent. It is absolutely perfect!

  4. tmh919 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these candles! The scents are plentiful and the candles burn so clean there’s nothing left in the jar except the wick! No soot! Maine is the way life is supposed to be and these candles are the way candles should be…clean burning and enjoyably fragrant! Can’t wait for my next order to come in to smell more authentic Maine scents! Fall in New England is my fave so far.

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